Solution Shaping Workshop

£695 + VAT

Many clients come to Oscore with a clear vision for what they need to get done. Those clients will likely have:

  • A backlog of user stories or one or more functional requirements documents
  • Architecture diagrams
  • A plan around incremental infrastructure or capacity needed for the project.
  • [In the case of App or Website development], user journeys, designs, wireframes lofi/hifi prototypes
  • Pre-selected technologies for implementation (typically technologies that Oscore specializes in)
  • An understanding of what aspects of the solution the client will provide and facilitate versus what they are looking for Oscore to provide.

Equally, many clients come to Oscore with a clear vision of their requirement (or sometimes not so clear!) and look to us for help putting some shape around what a solution might look like. We call this process Solution Shaping and we offer it as a service. The Solution Shaping service looks like this:

  • We set up one or more meetings of the order of 90 to 120 minutes each between your team and from the Oscore side:
    • One or more of our technical specialists.
    • One or possibly more assistants to handle the notetaking and diagramming.
  • Typically these are hosted remotely via Slack, Teams or Zoom, and facilitated using remote collaboration tools such as Visio Online or Miro. Contact us for in-person options.
  • Oscore will guide a discussion, making notes via the collaboration tools, and sketching out diagrams.
  • Topics typically covered:
    • Overview of Requirements
    • Existing Context: Team, Users, Systems, Code, Infrastructure
    • Review of Existing Documentation
    • Solutions Options: minimal/maximal/optimal
    • Thoughts about Technology Selection
    • Thoughts about Phasing and Work Contours
    • What you can do on your side versus what you need a partner for.
  • Depending on how many sessions you feel appropriate, the output of Solution Shaping service can range from an illuminating sketch of a possible solution plus a punchy one-pager describing next steps to a fairly complete road map broken down into phases with accompanying diagrams and user stories or documented requirements.
  • The diagrams and notes will be yours to keep.

In collaboration with Oscore, you will leave with a focused set of possible paths heading directly to your end goal.


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