Microsoft Azure supports many programming languages and frameworks and can be used alone or in a multi-vendor cloud environment. At Oscore, we are experts in deploying the infrastructure as code to provide your business with the ability to create and manage applications and services using a cloud environment. We can get you set up with subscription, configuring security and acquiring storage through to building virtual machines and VNETS.

Migrating your organisation’s infrastructure to an IaaS solution helps you reduce maintenance of on-premises data storage, saves money on hardware costs, plus it gains real-time business insights. You also gain the flexibility to scale your IT resources up and down with demand – you only pay for as long as you need it and you bypass the cost of buying and managing physical servers.

The potential of implementing Azure infrastructure also allows you to maximise productivity and security amongst your teams. From DevOps to IoT to AI, Azure offers plenty of business-critical elements that can help facilitate building your cloud-enabled services or custom apps.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) involves the management of infrastructure, such as networks, databases, storage, and connectivity. Through this, you’ll gain increased confidence in deployments and the ability to manage multiple environments. We are fully versed in Bicep – the DSL that uses concise syntax to allow non-developer audiences to deploy your Azure resources.

Alternatively, we can set you up with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates where you store the infrastructure code in a source repository and version it. Anyone on your team can then run the code and deploy similar environments.

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