GamCare, a leading UK-based charity, plays a pivotal role in helping individuals facing challenges associated with problem gambling. At the forefront of responsible gaming, the organisation is a reliable resource for people seeking support, information, and advice in understanding and addressing challenges related to gambling harms. Operating as the National Gambling Helpline, they provide a discreet helpline, an accessible online chat, and professional counselling services, forming a robust safety net for individuals navigating the complexities of gambling-related issues. Over the course of one year, the National Gambling Helpline facilitated 44,049 target calls and/or chats, demonstrating their steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of responsible gambling and safeguarding individuals – an impact keenly felt across the country.


GamCare, despite its comprehensive services, identified a significant hurdle: vulnerable gamblers faced challenges in effectively accessing care through online live chat systems hosted by Gambling Operators such as William Hill or Betfred.

When expressing concerns about gambling harms to Gambling Operator Helpline Advisers, users were often directed to GamCare but not directly transferred to the GamCare Live Chat Service. However, the need to rehash their issues and navigate additional technical steps proved discouraging for those experiencing sudden yet fleeting urges to seek help. This ‘cold-transfer’ process deterred users from engaging with a GamCare Helpline Adviser. Seeking a remedy for this issue, GamCare requested Oscore, a leading SaaS development company, to submit a tender and secure the contract. The objective was clear: to provide a seamless solution, increasing industry-transfers and ensuring prompt assistance for those in need.

The Approach:

Oscore presented GamCare with three solutions, offering a comprehensive breakdown of each option, including a meticulous cost-benefit analysis and timeline estimates. The variations among the options hinged on their integration with GamCare’s current helpline systems (Five9), ensuring a frictionless experience for GamCare Helpline Advisers and Gambling Operators, user-friendliness for customers, and the time required for implementation.

To facilitate the ‘warm-transfer’ solution, where Gambling Operators seamlessly hand over chat context or chat notes to the GamCare Helpline Adviser, all solutions were designed to eliminate the need for service users to repeat themselves and relive their issues.

After a thorough review, GamCare opted for the second solution, showcasing an intermediate level of integration with GamCare’s Five9 chat system and a moderate build timeframe. Named the GamCare Bridge, this solution aimed to bridge the gap between GamCare and Gambling Operators. Oscore not only demonstrated the chosen solution effectively but also secured the contract, highlighting their expertise in delivering tailored solutions that strike the right balance of efficiency and effectiveness.

Technical Expertise:

  • C#
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Azure DevOps
  • Blazor
  • SQL Server
  • Five9


Following internal testing, the GamCare Bridge was prepared for its pilot phase. Throughout the process, GamCare expressed their satisfaction with Oscore’s diligent work, prompt customer service, and the overall outcome of the bridge. The clear, coherent, and well-formatted branding further enhanced their satisfaction, allowing them to witness their initial concepts for the bridge manifest into a polished and cohesive product.

The data and privacy team at GamCare were particularly pleased to find that all their requirements had been met, ensuring the ongoing security of the bridge and the well-being of GamCare service users during warm-transfers. Likewise, Gambling Operators praised the ease, seamlessness, and comprehensiveness of the bridge demonstrations, training sessions, and successful test transfers.

With all parties expressing their content, the completed bridge stood as a resounding success. As it was now ready for service users, both Oscore and GamCare exuded confidence that users would also be pleased with the new system, which prioritized their well-being and provided efficient service.

The Client Said:

GamCare could not be more pleased that we partnered with Oscore on our GamCare Bridge project. They exceeded our expectations at every stage. Oscore’s team truly impressed us with their ability to take ownership of problems, act independently, and constantly anticipate issues. This proactive approach swiftly navigated challenges and ensured the project’s smooth progress, allowing us to deliver a successful project on time and within budget.

Sector: Charity – GamCare plays a pivotal role in helping individuals facing challenges associated with problem gambling.

Services provided: C#, ASP.NET Core, Azure DevOps, Blazor, SQL Server, Five9


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