Known for operating stores on behalf of the world’s biggest music artists, BSI Merch is at the forefront of where tech combines with the merch world. As the longest-running independent music merch company in the UK, its expert level creation and branded online stores ensure it stays on the cutting edge of technological sales and marketing channels.


We’d already established a working relationship with BSI Merch when they came to us to discuss moving their legacy systems onto the latest versions. The company wanted to keep the platform at the cutting-edge by developing new widgets, fixing bugs along the way alongside evolving and improving the system; including the addition of integrating directly with Shopify’s API.

The Approach:

BSI Merch operates a sizeable customer and order manage system with a variety of components that allow admins to set-up clients, manage users and operate stores. The code base was built up over many years, so we ensured we took our time to understand how everything joined together and operated before beginning the system overhaul.

Working in both a front-end and back-end capacity, we were able to navigate through the updates and integrate seamlessly with their internal teams to achieve the goals. As part of the optimisation process, we suggested some new ideas to streamline the loading times and were also able to contribute directly to significant improvements on the overall system whilst implementing new systems so that the functionality, performance and user experience could be greatly enhanced.

On the back end, we worked on improving scripts and the API to make sure we had multiple API end points to solve the high volume of requests. With that in mind we introduced a load balancer technique to mitigate the issue of a single point of failure. Bit-by-bit, we examined the entire structure to make improvements and simplify areas of complexity.

Technical Expertise:

  • C#
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • SQL


The work that Oscore has done has given both clients and customers a broader experience on a more accomplished platform. There have been plenty of useful implementations so far and the work continues with an ongoing commitment to enhancing and streamlining the system in the future.

The Client Said:

Our team love working with Oscore. From day one, they understood that in a fast-growing business such as ours, the need for both flexibility and agility was key.

This means not only have they added value & discipline to the software development function, but have grown with us, influencing architectural and operational decisions alike.

Jarrod Robinson CTO

Sector: Longest-running independent music merch company in the UK.

Services provided: C#, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL


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